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If your trustee moves to another state, you wouldn’t have to change the deed, but the registry of deeds where your property is located may require a new trustee’s certificate to be filed. We would recommend contacting the registry and asking about the trustee certificate.

Updating Your Will or Trust

When changes are made to estate plans for any reason, including the relocation of your trustee, you may need to make updates to your plan to avoid any confusion later. If your trustee is a family member, they are probably listed as a beneficiary or heir, requiring an address update. They may have possession of estate property, and the location of these items needs updating. There may be other things to consider regarding a loved one’s move to another state, especially if it’s been a few years since your last estate plan review.

Have your estate planning documents reviewed by a local attorney to ensure your will or trust works properly should anything happen to you.

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