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Smartphone showing Google search results for Medicaid information in Wisconsin.Many people use Google to get information about health care services, including benefits programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Recently, Google announced changes to the search experience for users seeking information about Medicare and Medicaid eligibility and enrollment. The announcement about the updates comes as part of the annual Google Health Equity Summit.

Updates to the Google Experience

This autumn, Google is implementing several changes to its search engine to help you access essential resources about Medicare and Medicaid:

  • When you look up Medicare and Medicaid information, you will see eligibility requirements and steps on how to enroll.
  • Google will tailor the information to your location, showing your state’s eligibility criteria and enrollment process.
  • If you already have Medicaid or Medicare coverage, you will be able to use the browser to find local health care providers who accept your plan. The new Medicaid search feature will complement an existing Medicare filter, making it easier to find providers who accept Medicaid.

The updates, set to go into effect in the coming weeks, may also help underserved populations access information about Medicare and Medicaid.

On its blog, Google also announced other health-focused endeavors:

  • YouTube will work with the Kaiser Family Foundation to support videos about health, including mental health and health access.
  • This year, Google will expand its Fitbit Health Equity Research Initiative, advancing research about health disparities.

Read the full blog post from Google.

Image credit: Google Keyword blog

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